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The Localization Management Service

Simplify the localization and internationalization process of your product via L10n.ws

If you’re ready to simplify and optimize your localization management, and save money in the process, you can learn more about the benefits of a localization management service by clicking on the demo link below


How it can be useful:

Localize any application


Automate the localization process for agile development

Centralized Data Storage

Multiple users are able to concurrently make edits to translations that are stored in a central repository.

Cost Savings

Our product provides a simple way to manage content translations that can be modified and deployed by users without requiring developer or administrator intervention.

Realtime Modification

Our product enables modifications to be published to production in real time. This allows for content changes and corrections without downtime or delay!

Wide Integration

Our product features wide integration with other frameworks and build tools. We offer an API that makes it easy to communicate with the rest of your environment and to move content into and out of our platform.

You can manage multiple projects with any versions and localization bundles. l10n