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Commonly used terms in L10n.ws Portal


When you sign up portal creates an account. An account typically represents a company or individual user. This account houses various projects and message bundles, account can be invited to administrate or read-only access any projects from another account. Additional information and change password you can find in profile page.

profile page


A project is a container for message bundles. Project can represent a web-site, mobile application, desktop application, etc. Account administrators can create as many projects as they need, they can also assign project maintainers to them as described above. projects view

Message bundle

A message bundle is a space of storing languages and localized messages. Bundle can represent a module or part of your project. In example below site has two modules admin and user portal, so translations in different bundles.

message bundles view


A version is a holder of your languages and messages. Any large project need versioning.

version view

Try it in demo