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Install Portal and API

To install L10n Portal need any servlet container. We recommend to use Tomcat 7+. Download zip artifact from our download page.

Unzip and you will see

To deploy API and Portal applications copy wars in webapps folder of web container and run it.


Setup configuration use l10n-config.xml file.

Database configuration

For database configuration find database xml element in config file


Superusers configuration

To have pre-installed supersusers checked section

        <email>[email protected]</email>

Multiple superuser might be declared.

Mail server configuration

If you want to use emails in Portal, need to describe SMTP and mail list sections.

        smtp server configuration
        default: disable, enable = false
    <smtp enable="false">
        Mail list is using if smtp enabled, set email for your company here
        noreply: email for notifications
        <item name="noreply">[email protected]</item>

Set path of configuration file

l10n-config.xml configuration file might be placed whatever you want location.

Setup system property or environment property with name L10N_CONFIG_DIR and with value path to directory where l10n-config.xml

NOTE! L10N_CONFIG_DIR must be set or Portal will not started successfully!